about us

We asked ourselves, "What's this About section about?"

What do you get when two chemists and a software engineer spend too much time being offensive? You get Fuggy, our adorable yellow middle-finger mascot we can all relate to. That, and perfectly inappropriate apparel that will make you laugh out loud.

Fuggy and all the team work hard to bring you offensive, yet tasteless t-shirts packed full of hilarious, and dare we say, thought-provoking nuggets of wisdom. We hope you find something you like, and if there is anything we can do to make your shopping experience exactly what you hoped for, please message us!

Courtney O’Fuggleston is one of the original members of FuggIt Tees. Courtney has pushed the envelope of FuggIt champions new product lines including Fugg You, Fugg This, and a forthcoming over the counter sleep aid called FuggItol.

Don Fuggovich is proud to be a part of the FuggIt brand since it’s creation many, long days ago. His hobbies are lifting a finger and smiling.

Juan Fugguiérrez is the third founder of the FuggIt Tees line. His technical skills and resourcefulness are outmatched only by his offsensiveness and generally inappropriate sense of humor.

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