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Algorithmic Art

FuggItTees draws on diverse sources for our designs and fashion concepts. The founders of FuggItTees come from background careers in Math, Science, and Technology. Our passion for art and the artist brought FuggItTees to life, but STEM will always be near and dear to our hearts. We are excited to introduce unique designs generated from an obscure and largely unexplored area of mathematics. There is nothing like the soft and subtle sculpted lines that we have found in these algorithms, which also produce a bold contrast in hard lines and intense colors.

Mental Health: Our Struggle is Real

Those of us who have battled mental illness in our lives now the challenges we still face in our culture. Mental illness is still treated as a disease all of its own, and those who suffer often do not pursue medical help because of the stigma surrounding it, the lack of information generally available, or lack of access to mental healthcare. 

Living in a society that far too often relegates the care of the mentally ill to the criminal justice system, and chooses to prosecute and incarcerate instead of diagnosing and treating. Art and mental illness are often not too far apart, and our communities of artists instead of being celebrated for their gift to us all end up locked up, strung out, or worse.

10% of all sales of this new line of shirt will go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

  • 2.3 Million Americans struggle with Bipolar disorder
  • 16 Million Americans have suffered a depressive episode
  • 26% of American Adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder

In support of mental health awareness and ending the stigma, 10% of all sales of this new line of apparelwill go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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