fuggittees: ally to artists

Let us be your Art Ally

FuggIt Tees is always looking for the next opportunity to work with artists actively growing their content. FuggIt Tees started because of a passion for art and for the artist.  

Why join the FuggIt Tees Art Alliance?

The FuggIt Tees is committed to working with artists to build relationships that can keep FuggIt Tees running and help amplify the voice of the artist. Not all art or artists work with the support we can offer. But, we if you are an artist looking for another way to get your voice heard, then we hope you will take the time to share your work with us.

What does FuggIt Tees have to offer?

  1.  Promotion of you and your art on the FuggIt Tees site, through our social media feeds and promotional content.
  2. Working your art into apparel and other merchandise sold on FuggItTees.com and other sales channels.

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